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    “Political Islam in the Workplace” April 26, 2018 at Capital Building Congressional Auditorium Author Rabia Kazan with Congressman Steve King

Mid-East Women’s Coalition: Re-Elect Trump For Child Brides, Abused Muslim Women

I’ve worked with some fascinating and compelling clients at Proven Media Solutions. One such client is the Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition, which will now be endorsing President Donald Trump for re-election in 2020.

While the endorsement is earlier than most in U.S. politics, Coalition President and Turkish best-selling author Rabia Kazan says the early endorsement is important for her organization to accomplish its goal to “reform the barbaric practices of child marriages, genital mutilations, honor killings, and dress code restrictions…”

“We are bringing women from all across the country and all over the world to raise…unified voices in support of President Trump,” Kazan said in a press release last week which announced the impending endorsement. Trump “is changing the game,” said Kazan. She says “Trump knows that systemic abuse of helpless women is real and pervasive,” and that what “Progressives” call “Islamaphobia” is simply opposition to “how…women suffer under [the]Islamic Regime.”

Neither I nor Proven Media Solutions takes a position on Trump’s re-election. In fact, I was NeverTrump in 2016, though I have been pleased with many of Trump’s policy, regulatory, and judicial accomplishments since he took office.


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