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    “Political Islam in the Workplace” April 26, 2018 at Capital Building Congressional Auditorium Author Rabia Kazan with Congressman Steve King

Rabia Kazan Reads Letter from Daniel Pearl’s Father at Pelosi’s Office Sit-In

The father of murdered terror victim Daniel Pearl wrote a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi that a pro-Israel demonstrator read in Pelosi’s congressional office Thursday.

Rabbi Aryeh Spero of the National Conference of Jewish Affairs led protesters in a sit-in Thursday in Pelosi’s front office. Before entering the office, he blasted Pelosi’s failure to condemn Rep. Ilhan Omar’s repeated antisemitic remarks or even antisemitism in the broader sense.

Pearl’s father wrote a letter to Speaker Pelosi that Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition President Rabia Kazan read as the room that had been filled with pro-Israel chanting came to a hush.

“As the president of the Daniel Pearl Foundation and lifelong Democrat, I urge Speaker Nancy Pelosi to act boldly and decisively on the Rep. Ilhan Omar’s antisemitic bigotry. Our late son, Daniel Pearl, was not an Islamophobic,” Pearl’s letter began. He went on to describe his Israel-loving late son and said the “hateful words” of Omar would “continue to haunt and position the future of American Jews.”

The letter went on:

We stand here to remind Speaker Pelosi of words she has spoken many times in the past. That U.S. support for Israel is not only a matter of mutual interest, the shared values. American support of the homeland for Jewish people is a moral imperative and a historical calling that shall be not polluted with accusations of dual loyalty or greed. 

The resolution passed by the House on March 9 condemns almost every form of hate and art except one: anti-Zionism.


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